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Design your own site with one of our professionally designed templates.

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Design Templates

Design your own site quickly starting with one of our many professionally designed site templates. Build a good looking site quickly without getting bogged down with the details of graphic design. Change templates, headlines and content any time you like. Each template has a number of options that you can choose when building a site: 5 main themes, 5 colour schemes, 3 menu schemes, 20 "pre-fab" pages with various layouts.

As Easy as Word Processing

One simply clicks and types. The editing tool bar will be familiar to anyone who has used a word processor.

Add Pages

Each site template comes with 20+ page templates that can be incorporated into the site. These "pre-fab" pages come in a variety of layout styles and also demonstrate features such as fill-out forms, photo galleries, blogs and eCommerce via Paypal.

Automatic Navigation.

As pages are added, deleted or renamed, the menu is automatically updated. All site templates come with multiple levels of menus so that large sites can be easily managed without "crowding" the menus. Even the slick graphical style menus are fully automatic.

Colour Schemes

Each site template comes in a variety of colour schemes. These may be selected as the site is created and it may be changed at any time.


eCommerce is easy with PayPal. All of the product information is accessible in the 'add to cart' button.

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