Domain Registration Advice

Have you ever been frustrated looking for your ideal domain name? You have a name in mind, but after searching a few variations it’s proving difficult to find something reasonable and available. What can you do? Here are some tips we have put together to assist you finding your new domain name :

1.) Try using a different tld ( try .info or .net). It is important to remeber that the country specific tlds will be treated differently by Google.

2.) Try rearranging the words or using synonyms for eg change “” to “” or using a synonym “”

3.) If you need specific keywords in your domain try adding in another word for eg “”

4.) Try adding in a hyphen for eg “”, but try to avoid to many hyphens though as this can make the domain difficult to remember and to type.

Try out our search tool to check your domain names availability we have made it as simple as possible to find the domain you are looking for; just place a tick in any or all the TLD’s you want to check. Get all the results at once, then select the domain you want to register!

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