Domain Registration – Privacy Protection!

As a domain registration is processed, all of the clients details are sent to the registrar who set the client as the registrant for a particular domain name.

A side effect of this process is sometimes overlooked by the majority of domain registrants; all of your personal details become available to the public. It can even include your contact name and address!

This is usually the default with most registrars, but however there is privacy protection available. With all domains registered through GLX Web Hosting an option is presented to all registrants to hide their personal details.

This does not infringe on your ownership of the domain in anyway, it only provides a cover address and name for the public registrant details displayed on the whois.

Check the registrant information on, this is publicly visible. Whois Info

This is the same for all domain names ever registered. If you are sensitive about the information publicly available about you on the internet then select privacy protection and keep yourself anonymous!

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