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I need information on Perl

Perl is located at: /usr/bin/perl If you are getting 500 internal server errors, please firstly: 1. Check that the script has CHMOD 755. 2. Check that it was uploaded in ASCII mode. 3. Add the following line below /usr/bin/perl: BEGIN { open (STDERR, “>cgierror.txt”); } Check cgierror.txt for any errors that may occur. If you [...]

How do I use MySQL databases?

Firstly, you will need a user to access this database. Log into your cPanel (http://www.yourdomain/cpanel). Then click “MySQL Databases”. Scroll down until you see “Users”. Enter a username and password below. Note that the actual username will be you account name followed by an underscore and the username you define. E.g. If you account name [...]

What are the email settings?

Quick Reference: POP3: SMTP: IMAP: Username: full email address Password: your password Our SMTP (outgoing) server will require authentication with the same credentials as you used to login. Outlook Express: Tools > Accounts > Add Mail Follow the instructions. To enable authentication on outgoing emails: Tools > Accounts > Properties > Servers [...]

I think my ISP is blocking my outgoing emails.

If you are able to connect to our POP3 server, but not to our SMTP server, it is likely that your ISP is blocking you. Many ISPs will block you from sending out emails using a different SMTP server than their own on port 25. Therefore, all customers may use port 26 to send outgoing [...]

How can I access my email on multiple computers?

There are 2 main options for this: You can use the webmail software which means you can access your email anywhere using your browser: Secondly, you could setup your email client to use IMAP. IMAP means that your client will not download and remove messages from the server. It will leave the messages on [...]

How do I use Cron Tabs?

Cron tabs give you the ability to run a set program or script at a certain time. To set one up, go into your cPanel account and press Cron Jobs. Select Advanced. You will be presented with 5 columns for the time/date etc, and then one for the command. Entering a * (star) in one [...]

Transfer A Domain To Us.

If you want to transfer your domain to us, you will need to contact us directly for instructions as each domain tld has a different transfer process. However : If you just want hosting from us; after purchasing your hosting account you will then be required to ask your current registrar to change the nameservers [...]


The GLX Web Hosting nameservers are: Please contact support if you require assistance with changing your current nameservers.

I Just Registered My Domain, But It Isn’t Live Yet?

You need to allow up to 24 hours for the domain to “propagate” on the internet. If you still cannot see your website after then, please contact us.

How Do I Renew My Domain?

When your domain is coming up for renewal, and email will be sent to you. Log into your Client Area, and select the Domain. Press ‘Renew’ to renew the domain.

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