How can I access my email on multiple computers?

There are 2 main options for this:

You can use the webmail software which means you can access your email anywhere using your browser:

Secondly, you could setup your email client to use IMAP.

IMAP means that your client will not download and remove messages from the server. It will leave the messages on the server so you can view them from multiple locations. The downside is that you need to be connected to the internet to view your messages.

Set your client up to use IMAP and use as the server.

How do I use Cron Tabs?

Cron tabs give you the ability to run a set program or script at a certain time.

To set one up, go into your cPanel account and press Cron Jobs.

Select Advanced.

You will be presented with 5 columns for the time/date etc, and then one for the command.
Entering a * (star) in one of the time fields means every day/minute etc.

For example:

10 0 * * * would mean every day, at 10 minutes past midnight.

You can also write */10 to mean EVERY 10 minutes/days etc.

Or, you could write 10,20,30,45 to mean at those times/days etc.

In the command field, enter the command you wish to be run. For example, to run a php script at a certain time, enter php /home/username/public_html/script.php

Transfer A Domain To Us.

If you want to transfer your domain to us, you will need to contact us directly for instructions as each domain tld has a different transfer process.

However :
If you just want hosting from us; after purchasing your hosting account you will then be required to ask your current registrar to change the nameservers on your domain to:

After this has propagated your site will be displaying your web pages live from our servers.


The GLX Web Hosting nameservers are:

Please contact support if you require assistance with changing your current nameservers.

I Just Registered My Domain, But It Isn’t Live Yet?

You need to allow up to 24 hours for the domain to “propagate” on
the internet.

If you still cannot see your website after then, please contact us.

How Do I Renew My Domain?

When your domain is coming up for renewal, and email will
be sent to you.

Log into your Client Area, and select the Domain.
Press ‘Renew’ to renew the domain.

How Do I Access cPanel?

You can access cPanel either by going into your client area, selecting your hosting account, and then pressing cPanel or:

If you do not currently own a cPanel hosting account you can view our cPanel hosting accounts here

Domain Registration Advice

Have you ever been frustrated looking for your ideal domain name? You have a name in mind, but after searching a few variations it’s proving difficult to find something reasonable and available. What can you do? Here are some tips we have put together to assist you finding your new domain name :

1.) Try using a different tld ( try .info or .net). It is important to remeber that the country specific tlds will be treated differently by Google.

2.) Try rearranging the words or using synonyms for eg change “” to “” or using a synonym “”

3.) If you need specific keywords in your domain try adding in another word for eg “”

4.) Try adding in a hyphen for eg “”, but try to avoid to many hyphens though as this can make the domain difficult to remember and to type.

Try out our search tool to check your domain names availability we have made it as simple as possible to find the domain you are looking for; just place a tick in any or all the TLD’s you want to check. Get all the results at once, then select the domain you want to register!

VPS Platform Information


Are your looking for your own VPS Hosting account? In this article we have written some advice that we feel will benefit people ordering their first virtual private server.
Before ordering your VPS Hosting account it would be wise to decide the requirements you will need, this will assist you as you decide which VPS Hosting account is for you. However if you are unsure what resources your VPS Hosting will need; after purchasing your VPS Hosting you can upgrade your account with minimal downtime. The platform that you choose to run your VPS on requires a little more fore thought as it cannot be modified easily. All of our VPS Hosting accounts are run as guest accounts on a host machine built specifically to ensure the smooth operation of your VPS Account. In the following sections we will cover some of the important aspects of a VPS Hosting account.

Memory and swap space

This feature of your VPS hosting account is the most important facet of your new VPS Hosting account. The memory (RAM) that a VPS server has available to use at any given moment makes for a smoother and faster VPS. The swap (Virtual RAM) that your account has available to use is only used in extreme circumstances where onboard RAM has been depleted due to extremely high traffic loads etc.

Some thing to keep in mind at this point is that alot of VPS hosting providers may offer a comparatively large quantity of memory, but this may be because the memory is being shared with every other VPS on the host machine, but the VPS will not perform in the same way as with dedicated RAM.

If your host machine offers dedicated memory for the VPS then you have an amount of memory to use that no other VPS on the same host has any access to, which is clearly an advantage.

Host machine processors

As VPS Hosting accounts are all supported by one “host” machine; it is imperitive that the host machine has multiple cores so that it is cabable of serving the requirements that any or all of the VPS accounts ask of it.

Each of the host machines we use to serve our VPS hosting accounts have multiple core processors; this means that all of our VPS’s have access to two or more processors, providing ample processing power when and as they need it.

Virtual Hardware

Some VPS providers do not use true hardware virtualisation, but instead use a software layer with which the guest machines must communicate. This software layer must then relay the commands to the operating system. This approach causes a reduction in performance as the software layer is shared among all of the guests on the host machine.

Our host machines use true hardware virtualisation, so that the guest machine accesses to the hardware as directly as possible, which adds a significant increase in performance.

File System

Some VPS solutions use a single file in the host machine’s file system as the disk for the VPS. This approach decreases the performance of disk activity in the guest VPS, particularly as the size of this “file system” file increases. For this reason we offer direct disk access wherever possible.


It can be very difficult to pick a VPS solution that you can rely on for solid performance and a reliable host machine. At GLX Web Hosting we pride ourselves on high quality products and our excellent after sales support. If you are interested in a VPS I highly recommend that you take a look at the VPS offers we have, and if you have any questions then post a comment or send an email to

GLX Web Hosting Server Technician

Email Backup

As all businesses are aware; keeping good records is vital to your businesses success. Email has become one of the most popular ways of communication between customer and business. Making sure that this mode of communication is active is vital, to this end GLX Web Hosting are supplying an email backup option; this means that if the inhouse server that currently handles the internal distribution of your email stops delivering for some reason, not only do you not lose any email but also your customers don’t start receiving email bounce backs stating that the email address doesn’t exist. Saving your company face and complaints.

This also means that any emails, not delivered directly to your mail server during any server downtime, will be stored until the mail server is back on line. With MX Backup you are able to log into your GLX Web Hosting client area to check for any undelivered emails. Whilst in the client area/MX backup, you can also forward any undelivered emails to your ‘reconnected’ server at the touch of a button

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